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mazurga's media

Skyrim images, the occasional fic, reblogged skyrim confessions that pertain to race and racism.

All .gifs and screenshots are made by me unless reblogged from elsewhere.

For social justice, other fandoms, and cute things, you want eisoj5.tumblr.com.

For Flight Rising, you want izfet.tumblr.com.

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flight rising stuff will be elsewhere after this XD


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I’m an engineer, not a graphic designer, dergit.

Anyways! Giveaway for newbies! I’ve got a lot of extra items and dragons specifically for tiny Sparks (and other flights, I guess…)


  • The first 9 picked get their choice of hatchling on the first page of my lair.
  • The next ~10+ get…

Izfet #45369!!

Eyyy! Can we be friends on there? I’m meridok.

Friend request sent :) I’m izfet.

2 days ago

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…also i started doing this this morning

It’s related, ‘cause dragons. XD

(I actually will prolly make a separate tumblr for FR stuff.)

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last three weeks of the semester

+ some other interesting things happening in my life = posting gorgeous things from DeviantArt that other people made for a little while.

I will be getting more of Zana’s journal up soon, though, so there will be some of my own content here and there. Enjoy the amazing artwork (and please, if you reblog the DeviantArt posts during the next few weeks, make sure you keep the sources!)


i wanna make a million skyrim characters but i’m not interested in replaying the beginning ever again

Alternate Start: Live Another Life is FANTASTIC for enabling my character creation addiction :)