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Skyrim images, the occasional fic, reblogged skyrim confessions that pertain to race and racism.

All .gifs and screenshots are made by me unless reblogged from elsewhere.

For social justice, other fandoms, and cute things, you want eisoj5.tumblr.com.

For Flight Rising, you want izfet.tumblr.com.

Water and Steam

Gzincha, my new Dwemer Device character. I’d been looking for a look for a character to try out Dwemertech, and I think she’ll do quite nicely.

UNP Hmm What To Wear
Incarnate Creatures

Hints of the Dwemer


Borkul the Beast

No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (or wants to)

(via ariakitty)

Blackreach mushroom forests

Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach

Dwemer ruins in Blackreach

Contained II

Contained II

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Meridia’s Beacon

Halls of Alftand